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Asthma Ghana is dedicated to contributing to vital asthma research to realise our vision of a world without Asthma

We hope Asthma Ghana supported research will lead us to a time where primary preventative measures for asthma are well-known and routinely adopted by the health industry and policy makers alike. We want those living with asthma to be empowered with the best tools to manage their condition based on individual needs.

We have come a long way in our understanding and management of asthma thanks to the work of outstanding researchers. Only sixty years ago there was little known about asthma and some even believed it was the consequence of overprotective parenting. Additionally, in the 1960s there were very few drugs available to manage asthma, and they had many unwanted side-effects. We now have a strong understanding of the underlying elements of asthma, best practice models of care and a vast array of medications and tools to manage asthma and associated conditions. However, there is still a long way to go to reduce the impact of asthma on both Ghanaians, the healthcare system and society in general.

Contact: info@asthmaghana.com

We will invest in progressive approaches to make, translate and implement new discoveries that improve the lives of people with asthma

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